Polymer clay canesI was finally able to create what I call successful canes. Every cane I have made to this point has had a lot of flaws. These only have a few. I am proof that practices makes almost perfect. They are not perfect yet but they are getting there. I have been practicing slicing too. I am amazed that after a while I have improved. What more amazing is if I wait a few days and slice again I have to do a bit of practicing again. That does not seem fair.  So from now on before I slice a cane, I take a few minute to get in the grove of slicing on some practice clay. Both canes were made with Premo polymer clay.

I do not know what to call the top one as it was written in a language I do not under stand. http://kopilka.rv.ua/?p=7249 Language is not required she has it pretty detailed with pictures. It was pretty easy to make. I could see making this in different colors for a lot of projects.

The leopard pattern is from YouTube I know it is not in the right colors but I have a thing with blue and purple. I made sure my next canes are not either colors. I need to branch out in colors.

Not the next update but the update after I will show you what I did with these canes.

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